“To be human isn’t for beginners”

...a saying by my friend Peter that rings true to me. So many of life’s challenges and wonders are universal and ties us together. It continues to inspire me in trying to capture thoughts and feelings in written short reflections. Like patchwork they can be sewn together with songs from different times and genres into musical quilts I call concert talks.

They can be about the double-sided nature of Christmas or summertime when both can bring feelings of connection and loneliness. Anticipations and fears of disappointment.

Or the very first show “The Hourglass” about living life to the fullest despite the scars, limitations and doubts we all carry.

When put in a setting that normally doesn’t contain music like corporate life it opens up for reflection and conversation. More and more often I’m asked to write about the challenges of working life like change, values and what it is to be a leader. Knowing that music has healing powers I’m fortunate to once in a while bring it into conference- and boardrooms.

Om konsertprat